homeland security warning level is at orange

March 31, 2009

God bless the weary traveler.  The red-eye flyers.  Those of us that curl up on benches and try to sleep.  Interrupted every few minutes by the loud intercom informing us on the current security level threat.  Reminding us to not leave bags unattended and to report any suspicious activity immediately.  

I have to say the Orlando airport is quite conducive of middle of the night naps.  I’ve been in airports where they hit you with a stick if they catch you sleeping.  Also places that you just wouldn’t want to suddenly become unconscious.  Tonight, I easily found an unoccupied bench next to this ridiculously large water fountain thing.  I sprawled out, putting my feet up on my silver and black luggage (the type that looks like it’s bullet-proof) and plopped my head down on my messenger  bag.  My money stashed safely in the depths of my cowboy boots.  My leather jacket sort-of keeping me warm, I spent way too much time in the sun and my pink skin was feeling chilled.  A hoodie covering my face.  Surrounded by palm trees and actually nicely dim lights and the lull of the water, I almost felt like I was dozing in a park.  Not in some busy airport in some shithole part of Florida.  

Saturday we flew down the east coast in my buddies truck, spanning 7 states in less than 24 hours.  I mastered the art of peeing in a coffee cup while squatting on the floor.  Around midnight we passed that lovely South of The Border town between the Carolinas.  Strung out and crazy from the road we stopped.  I had an overwhelming urge to buy fireworks and a sombrero, but despite being lit up like a mini-Las Vegas, to my dismay, everything was closed.  

Spent yesterday and today on the beach.  The ocean is like a reset button for me, it clears away all the jumble.  Now, drinking coffee and watching the puffy-faced travelers I’m eager to arrive in Austin….


One Response to “homeland security warning level is at orange”

  1. LizCashmoney Says:

    Jen, I really love reading your blog- you are absolutely brilliant. It reminds to be alive and present.

    Good luck in Austin.


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