sneaking into pools

July 30, 2008

Around 3:00 this morning a cop strolled into the backyard to respond to a noise complaint.  A crew of us had just been skinny dipping by moonlight and were drying off, grudgingly counting the few hours we had left before we had to go to work.  I had only gotten partly dressed, and stood in my cowboy boots, knee socks, a pink thong and t-shirt before the cop.  I wasn’t even drunk and couldn’t stop laughing at how hilarious the scene was. 

Before dancing to bad music at Sportys and doing cannonballs into the pool, I was in Burlington.  The trip north did me good.  I needed to hang out in what I call “Little Japan” with my old friends.  Nestled amongst tall grass and big weeds we sat on plastic lawn furniture drinking sake and listening to the grind of the late night trains pulling in.  When my friend Chris gets too drunk he starts mumbling in Japanese.  

It’s now 4:36, I only got two and a half hours of sleep last night and worked all day.  Instead of taking a nap, I’m going to go hike up a mountain because I’ve still got energy to burn 😉


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