On the cover of the NY Times today there is an article about a new design in the gallon milk jug.  This is the first I’ve heard about it and haven’t tried out the new jug myself, but I think it sounds like a great idea.  The new jugs can be stacked on top of one another thus eliminating the need for milk crates.  By eliminating the crates, one can ship 50% more milk in the same square foot of space.  With the ability to ship more milk in the same space, the amount of deliveries is decreased.  So, with the new design we use less resources, create less pollution, and get fresher milk.  

Here’s the kicker; pictured in the article is a woman with pursed lips and an annoyed look on her face.  A homemaker in Ohio, she was interviewed about how the new jug works.  Her response was “I hate it, it spills everywhere!”  To me this is a prime example of how unwilling people are to change or adapt, yet still bitch about the cost of everything!  Come on lady, is it really that hard to pour?  If it is, I think it’s worth a try to master that ever so difficult and important skill of pouring milk!  People get so set in there ways and love to complain.  It drives me absolutely nuts.  


Montreal 06.24-06.26

June 30, 2008

A much-deserved escape to a foreign city proved to be just what I needed.  The events of the three days are blurred together into a grand concoction of a frenzied rampage.  French radio stations, Beer in the park, Really incredible people that I’ve missed, Porn on the big screen, Baguettes & Brie, Rue St. Laurent, Making out, Sunbathing on the roof, Secret tellers, Secret keepers, Lust, Vodka and Gatorade, Omelets and coffee, Dancing!, Kicked out of Club Date way too soon, Librarians, Karaoke, Voyeurism, Loud garbage trucks, Free sub-par coffee at VT rest areas, Free bike, Homebrew, Jump starting a car at the border.

Despite being hung-over on Thursday, I had this wonderful feeling of genuine happiness.  I enjoy bedtime stories and lullabies more than anyone will ever know.

First entry

June 29, 2008

I used to think that blogs were pretentious.  Lately though, I’ve been reading some very good ones, and find it comforting to hear about others lives.  I’ve always felt the need, actually more like an obsessive urge to write.  There have been missed opportunities and unsaid appreciations due to my inability to vocalize my true feelings.  Too often I’m paralyzed by shyness.  Maybe this form of communication will help….